Deusa Alexis Ballbusting

Deusa Alexis Ballbusting

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myfinal's avatar
myfinal postou 1 ano atrás

Alexa is perfect

Ronnie1985's avatar
Ronnie1985 postou 1 ano atrás

What a lovely lady... She could kick my balls every day

normy's avatar
normy postou 2 ano atrás

Alexis is an amazing specimen!

stvcolbert's avatar
stvcolbert postou 2 ano atrás

Someone should seriously make some aftermath videos take some video of the day after a ball bust show him walking funny show his balls all swollen and misshapen have an exam yeah that would be nice

PlsSlapMyBalls's avatar
PlsSlapMyBalls postou 2 ano atrás

Such a pretty face and a great looking body. Those knees and kicks are right on target flattening his balls. Now what else does a set of balls need for entertainment ?